7. The bendable caulking nozzle extension device of claim 6, wherein said deformable stiffening element is a wire element. 8. The bendable caulking nozzle extension of claim 7, wherein said distal tip portion is shaped and constructed to enable caulking tips of various profiles to frictionally engage therewith in removable relation. 9.. "/>

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Finally, shaping tools can help you smooth the sealant and make sure it has a neat, aesthetically-pleasing finish. Bathroom caulking: it's worth doing right!. Caulk Tube Bendable 12.5 in. Extension Nozzle (1) CAULK-TUBE-1. Add To List Add Red Devil® Caulking Tube Extension - 3 pk. to your list. Sku # 5618750. Shipping ADD TO CART. Click here to go to Red Devil® Sealant Smoothing Kit detail page. www.alibaba.com. Sku # 5618750.

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